Quintillion Associates Ltd is a private limited company that was incorporated on the 28th February 2008 as a successor company to The DICE Group Ltd which was established in 1997.   In 2007, two of the directors decided to continue to pursue the successful consultancy activities of The DICE Group Ltd and established the new Company thereafter early in 2008.

The principals of Quintillion, Chris Shepherd and Terry Jagger, have been working together for many years managing a wide variety of projects and commissions for many clients within Europe and further afield; their activities include advising the British Government on regeneration and business development;   they have worked with cities and regions in England, Scotland, France, Italy, the USA and Australia;   they have worked with public and private health service providers, transport operators and business organisations on a range of commissions including the Olympic legacy.  

Recently, Quintillion have established a business link with Greenland Biotech Ltd, a company formed from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to develop a European centre for the distribution and ultimately the manufacture of products and systems which address the issues of cross-infections within the health and transport sectors, public spaces, and domestic environments.

With this re-focussing of activity, Quintillion has been joined by two new Directors, Dr Ian Walker and Dr Andrew Rankine, who bring with them wide expertise and skill-sets that greatly enhance the management and technical capacity of the Company.